Beseno Castle

Beseno Castle

Beseno Castle

Beseno Castle, as with the Avio Castle, is a wonderful pearl that will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views. Do you know about the largest fortified complex in Trentino? Have you ever heard the legend of the black knight? Don’t miss this interesting post.

Beseno Castle is an impressive fortress occupying the entire top of a very big hill in a dominant position over the Adige Valley.

Castel Beseno

A bit of history…

Since the medieval dawn of the castle, it had purely defensive functions. Thanks to its strategic and dominant position over the entire valley, it was a fundamental component in the chain of the defensive castles of southern Trentino.

The large ramparts date back to the sixteenth century, when the castle was adapted to battles using firearms. The courtyards and buildings of the fortress were once used as kitchens, bread ovens, cellars and warehouses.Beseno Castle It is possible to walk along the defensive patrol walkway, with panoramic views of the Adige Valley and the valley that leads to the Folgaria Plateau.



castel beseno

In the fourteenth-century Palazzo di Marcabruno, you can visit a permanent exhibition that explains the famous battle of Calliano. On 10 August 1487, the plain below the castle was the scene of an epic clash in which Tyrolean troops repelled an attack by the armies of the Venice, which wanted to expand towards Trento. The captain of fortune Roberto di San Severino died and the expansion of the Very Serene Republic of Venice suffered a definitive setback. This epic battle left space for the dominion of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until their defeat in the First World War.

cortile castello

Cavaliere Nero a Castel Beseno

The legend of the Black Knight of Beseno Castle

Far back in the mists of time, it is said that a particularly bad knight lived in this great manor house. He cruelly dominated the people of the village of Besenello.  One day, the tired people could take no more of his harassment and they fiercely drove out the tyrant.

In this nocturnal image of the castle, do you also see it on top of one of the towers?

castel beseno notte

Tips and Tricks

Do you have curious and enterprising children? In the castle, it is possible to wear weapons, helmets and armor. Guaranteed emotions!

Our battle-ready director wears one of the historical helmets at the castle museum.



How to get there:

The castle can be reached from the town of Besenello, located halfway between Rovereto and Trento. We recommend that you reach the town below the castle by taking the state road 12 on the left Adige. The castle can also be reached along the provincial road that connects the Folgaria plateau to the Adige Valley.

Telephone number: +39 (0464) 834600

For further information we recommend: https://www.buonconsiglio.it/index.php/Castel-Beseno

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