12  Wonderful and Unmissable Places

Some tips for spending a few days in Trento province or planning a holiday.

What to see in Trento province? What to do in Trento province?

The answer to these questions always embarrasses us because we are lucky to live in a wonderful country like Italy with so much to see and do. This doesn’t help in the arduous task of recommending something in particular, to the detriment of other precious pearls. Rovereto and our hostel are central to some ideas in this article. Are you curious about our suggestions for you?

Our choice fell on 3 wonderful lakes, on 3 castles with unquestionable charm, on two unmissable museums, and on enjoyment of nature. All this and much more will leave you breathless with emotion and sensations to take home in your suitcase of memories … ready? Let’s kick off the dance on what to do in Trento province.

We have included an intruder among the 12 wonderful unmissable places. Which is it?

Tovel Lake, the “red lake” where fairy tale meets sparks of poetry in nature

Tovel Lake is located in the presence of the Brenta Dolomite Alps at around 1,178 meters above sea level. It is one of the largest and most beautiful natural lakes in Trento province. It owes its reputation as a spectacular lake to the colors of its waters. The color of the sky together with the sandy bottom makes wonderful rainbows between emerald, turquoise and aquamarine …


Tenno Lake, the magic of turquoise that is reflected between water and sky

It’s a picturesque alpine lake at about 570 meters above sea level, not far from Riva del Garda and about half an hour’s drive from Rovereto. It’s in the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere of the Ledrensi and Judicaria Alps. Even on less beautiful days, the contrast of colors seems to have come from an expressionist painter’s palette. The aquamarine that turns turquoise will leave you breathless. It especially gives its best in the autumn and spring months, when the contrast between the turquoise set in the dark green of the surrounding woods leaves you breathless.


Carezza Lake, the lake where the Latemar Dolomite Alps are reflected

Below Carezza Pass at 1500 meters above sea level, there is a pretty gem between the Catinaccio and the Latemar, Carezza Lake. Our advice is to take some time. It is certainly not a mass tourism attraction, even though its paths are often walked. It is necessary to be patient and savor the wonder of the color changes in the lake, from emerald to light blue, from turquoise to dark green, from red in the evening to midnight blue that comes after sunset. Do you know how it is when a centuries old root clings to a Dolomite rock in a clean, sweet, musky embrace that gives the perfume of centuries of history? Here you will also find this!


Avio Castle, first sentinel for those arriving in Trento province. Avio Castle, stronghold at the entrance to Trento province.

Who among you traveling north on the Brennero Moterway from Verona has not been left speechless when, suddenly, like a sentinel, this magnificent jewel of the feudal past comes into your view? For more than ten centuries in a strategic position overlooking the valley furrowed by the Adige River, this stronghold of the Counts of Castelbarco stands proudly on the mountainside within a circle of crenellated walls with towers. In the high and mighty central keep and in the small House of the Guards, there are extraordinary fourteenth-century frescoes with lively scenes of love and war. If you like the Middle Ages of lords of castles and knights, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Castle of Avio.


Thun Castle, residence of one of the most powerful sixteenth-century families

Thun Castle, built in the mid-thirteenth century, dominates the whole Valley of Non from the top of a hill. It’s a beautiful castle surrounded by greenery and apple fields. After the restoration it appears very well maintained. The ancient library collection has also been restored with the furnishings. It’s a dive into noble sixteenth century Trento province. There are public and private rooms, kitchens, interior and exterior spaces with attention to the smallest details. On sunny days, the wonderful outdoor garden allows you to take time to dream of the age of medieval castles. Unmissable visit! To learn more click on the button!


Arco Castle, rocky outcrop that became a fortress

Perched on the rocky outcrop overlooking the town of the same name, Arco Castle has always aroused curiosity and evocative ghost stories. From the center of Arco, you can reach the peak with a pleasant and relaxing walk of about twenty minutes. Once arrived, a pleasant green space and a small bar will allow you to enjoy a relaxing drink and a breathtaking view. Here too, our advice is to take the time to savor the change of colors of Lake Garda, which from this spectacular location will give you emotions to take home and keep forever.

MUSE – Science Museum of Trento

The Science Museum of Trento is an incredible jewel designed by Renzo Piano of which Trento province is very proud. Inaugurated in the summer of 2013, it immediately won the title of Best Science Museum for families with children in Italy. The star architect conceived this wonderful external structure that imitates the geometry of the Dolomite Alps; evocative sails and gliders of steel and crystal that extend toward the sky, reminding us of the spires and peaks of Trento province’s wonderful rock formations. Incredibly fascinating for adults and children, it is an unmissable destination for anyone staying in Trento province.


MART – Museum of modern and contemporary art of Rovereto and Trento

For lovers of art and culture, a splendid container created by Mario Botta in Rovereto will leave you entranced. MART’s permanent collection is a gem and can count on over 20,000 works including paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures. Among others there are enchanting works by Giorgio Morandi, Giorgio de Chirico, Carlo Carrà, and by the autochthonous futurist Fortunato Depero. You can numerous representatives of the major twentieth century artistic currents, from Futurism to Abstract Art, to Pop Art, and up to the most contemporary experiences. In an interesting historical, artistic and aesthetic setting, you will find light and artistic beauty developed in an evocative path inside a new concept museum, bright and full of ideas to take home.


Orrido di Ponte Alto in Trento province, unmissable play of colors and light reflections

Jumping water, vigorous waves, waterfalls, and above all, the fruit of struggle between nature and man’s ingenuity immerse visitors for an hour. At set times, the entrance ticket also includes a guided tour of the Ecomuseum of the Argentario. It will tell you the story and anecdotes of the Orrido di Ponte Alto. The gem, as it often happens, is reserved for the end of the route. Through an evocative spiral staircase carved in the red Dolomite stone, you reach just behind the main waterfall. Needless to say, you’ll come out wet, but happy to be able to see from behind the powerful downpour. The green of the trees changes in the red ammonite rock mixed with the white of the limestone dug by the swirl of the waters over thousands of years … Games of colors and reflections of light, must-see!


Val Venegia, paradise in the natural garden facing the Pale di San Martino

One of the most beautiful valleys in the Dolomite Aps. The path that starts from Malga Venegia is quite flat along the Travignolo stream, and among cows, horses and pigs, it covers the distance to Malga Venegiota in a blink of an eye. We recommend having lunch in a mountain hut where the high quality typical dishes will amiably cheer you, and even fulfill your wine expectations. The afternoon can be spent in various ways. For those who want to unplug and relax, you can choose one of the beautiful meadows under the Pale di San Martino. Paying attention to the cute and impertinent donkeys that will keep you company, you can easily forget the stresses of everyday life.


 Bell of the Fallen “Maria Dolens”, history and memory in an intoxicating sensorial mix

The Bell of the Fallen is a large bell, the largest in the world among those that swing to make them ring. It is located in Rovereto on the Colle di Miravalle, a few minutes by car from the historic center of town. It’s on a wonderful terrace from which you can enjoy an incredible panorama of Rovereto and Vallagarina. An evocative white pavement accompanied by a parade of flags from all over the world allows you to reach the amphitheater on the valley which houses the magnificent Maria Dolens, a bell of about 21,500 kilograms. It was made with melted cannons of the nations that participated in the first great war. Evocative? Even more if you are lucky enough to go there in the evening when a hundred tolls are heard echoing the memory and history of man.


Nardis and Lares Waterfalls in Val di Genova, infinite views and shower included

They are two wonderful waterfalls! After passing the most famous waterfall in Trento province, Nardis, you can continue 6-7 kilometers to Lares, less known but equally spectacular and exciting. At Maria Bridge there is a convenient parking area. From there, you can slightly raise your head and sense the presence of this other magic of nature, thanks to a cloud of microscopic water droplets floating in the air. From there, we climb for half an hour along the path of the falls. The more you go up, the more the crash of water thunders between the larch trees (from which the waterfall derives its name).  Suddenly the waterfall of white foam appears before you and pours downwards …  The guaranteed shower included is truly an incredible emotion.

Have you discovered the intruder that is not really in Trentino?

What to do in Trento Province (Dolomite Alps) – 12 unmissable places


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