The refuges in the Alps are large cabins that were originally in very remote locations, as many still are. They are places of shelter in the high mountains. Most were used as or created as military outposts in World War One.  Today, you still have to hike or mountain bike to get to most of them. You can still take refuge and you can pay hostel prices to sleep inside. Wonderful resources for exploring the high Aps.

The Front Line Refuges of Trento Province, Trentino

The centenary of the Great War has just passed but the memories of our grandparents’ fight will never be forgotten. With this article we propose some refuges in the lower Trento Province area that were the undisputed protagonists of the period in which the front lines between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire divided minds, families and traditions for ominous national objectives. Organizing or even just envisaging excursions to remember and visit the places of the fighting is a strong signal of hope that conflicts of this nature will never happen again. Not itineraries from refuge to refuge, but day long excursions on paths that flank forts, penetrate trenches, and enter tunnels and fortified gun emplacements, right up to the battlefields. So, arm yourself with comfortable hiking boots, a mountain backpack, a rain jacket and a good paper map in order to dive into these wonders that are witnesses of war and forever hold the memories. It’s time to leave!

Nino Pernici Refuge

Do you know one of the most beautiful refuges in Upper Garda? The Nino Pernici refuge represents an enchanting discovery of flavors, landscapes and memories of the Great War.

It is one of the most evocative and popular cabins in Upper Garda Trentino. The whole area offers magnificent summer and winter views of the Dolomite Alps , Valle di Ledro and the Garda area of ​​Trento Province. Interested to know further details and curiosities?

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Papa Refuge and the Fifty-Two Tunnel Road

Do you know the Papa Refuge in front of the Pasubio mountain group?

If you never had the opportunity to experience the memory of the Great War, you have missed something very significant.

Curious and ready to welcome interesting ideas and new details for excursions between nature and remembrance? Don’t miss this post!

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Damiano Chiesa Refuge at Monte Altissimo

Do you know an authentic jewel easily accessible with the guarantee of breathtaking views from Adamello to Lake Garda?

The Damiano Chiesa Refuge on Mount Altissimo will give you not only a sensational answer but also true emotion and great memories.

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Campogrosso Refuge

Among the Trento Province Refuges, a circular route suitable for everyone, with evocative views of the “Small” Dolomite Alps between Veneto and Trentino. Do you know the Campogrosso Refuge? If you have never been there, you will ascend to enchanting landscapes.


Trento province refuges, Trentino - credits Rifugio CampogrossoEnjoy the reading!

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Lancia Refuge Cabin

The Lancia Refuge is located in the heart of the Pasubio mountain group and was built on the remains of a former Austro-Hungarian army barracks. Do you know the Lancia Refuge? Rifugio Lancia is a place where nature has dignified the places of the Great War.

Trento province refuges, Trentino - credits Francesco Serafini

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Which of these Trento Province cabins do you not know?


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