To do in Trento Province

Ostello di Rovereto - Toscolano Maderno
Toscolano Maderno and the ghost valley of paper mills
Toscolano Maderno and a narrow valley with a glorious past This is not a walk under the banner of peace and relaxation but a fantastic journey into history and nature....
Ostello di Rovereto - MART
Museums in Trento Province
Caravaggio in Rovereto, a new splendid exhibition at MART
Caravaggio in Rovereto, from 9 October to 4 December 2020 at MART “Caravaggio, the contemporary”  Coming to Trento province and not stopping for a pearl of modern and contemporary art...
Ostello di Rovereto - Terragnolo
Terragnolo, a constellation of small villages where memory dialogues with nature
A little-known Trento province valley still immersed in unspoiled nature A picturesque valley in the south of Trento province, it extends from Rovereto to the Borcola pass, on the border...
Trento Province Excellences, Trento Province Excellences
Grappa Marzadro, the history of grappa in Trento Province
Grappa Marzadro, the history of grappa in Trento Province If you have spent a few relaxing days in Trento province without tasting a sip of the most famous Italian spirit,...
Ostello di Rovereto - San Colombano Eremo
Deep Canyon Trento Province
San Colombano Hermitage of Rovereto
San Colombano Hermitage of Rovereto, swallow’s nest suspended at 120 meters high on a cliff face An evocative wonder above the Leno River. The hermitage enjoys a unique view. It’s...
Ostello di Rovereto - San Colombano Eremo
San Colombano Lake
San Colombano Lake This beautiful lake, behind the dam on the Leno River, is a few kilometers from Rovereto in a mountain gorge. Its colors, from midnight blue to emerald...
Ostello di Rovereto - Lago di Braies
Trento Province Lake, Trento Province Lake, Trento Province Lakes, Trento Province Lakes
Braies Lake, one step from the sky…an unmissable precious gem
The most beautiful lake in Trentino Alto Adige At the bottom of Braies valley and at the northern most point of Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park is a gem with iridescent colors...
Ostello di Rovereto - Rovereto
Canyon Trentino Alto Adige, Trentino Castles, Trento Province Castles
OUR TOUR OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND EVOCATIVE There are many castles in Trento province, each with its own history and mysteries. From the elegant elegance of Thun Castle to...
Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature
AN ENCHANTING ALPINE VALLEY IN FRONT OF THE PRESANELLA MOUNTAIN GROUP Incredible and wild beauty in western Trento province. Very pleasant excursion. Are you ready to admire peaks, lakes, waterfalls,...
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WHERE PERFUMES AND TRADITIONS ENRICH YOUR EXPERIENCE TO TAKE HOME Where to live, discover and taste every weekend of the year Trento province has always been a place suited to...