To do in Trento Province

Ostello di Rovereto - Lago Santo
Lake Santo, little hidden jewel that becomes an explosion of colors in autumn
Located in Val di Cembra, 5 kilometers from the village of Cembra, Lake Santo is an enchanting mirror lake at about 1,200 meters above sea level. Its ancient formation is...
Ostello di Rovereto - Foliage
Autumn Foliage in Trento Province, unique shades of color to admire the autumn in wonderful places
FOLIAGE, UNIQUE SHADES OF COLOR TO ADMIRE THE AUTUMN IN WONDERFUL PLACES  Where to see beautiful views of autumn foliage in Trento province.  Not only winter and summer can give...
Ostello di Rovereto - Museo del Pianoforte di Ala
Antique Piano Museum of Ala, a precious discovery for music lovers and more
ANTIQUE PIANO MUSEUM OF ALA, A PRECIOUS DISCOVERY FOR MUSIC LOVERS AND MORE In the city of Ala, the rich hall in the beautiful Pizzini Building (Palazzo de Pizzini) has...
Ostello di Rovereto - Lago Smeraldo e Rio Sass
Emerald Lake (Lago Smeraldo) and Rio Sass in Val di Non
EMERALD LAKE (Lago Smeraldo)  AND RIO SASS IN VAL DI NON  Are you looking for the magic of emerald color reflected between water and sky? Emerald Lake rewards your expectations...
Ostello di Rovereto - Corno Battisti
WW1 in Trento Province
Monte Corno Battisti, Pasubio Mountain Group
The summit is within the Vicenza Pre-Alps, in the Trento province area. It was the theater of the famous First World War episode when irredentists Cesare Battisti and Fabio Filzi...
Ostello di Rovereto - Duomo di Trento
Museums in Trento Province, Museums in Trento Province
Trento Cathedral, the Cathedral of Saint Vigilius and the magnificent Tridentine Diocesan Museum
CATHEDRAL OF SAINT VIGILIUS Begun in 1212 and completed in 1321, this structure rose along the road to Verona, at ​​the site of the ancient Basilica of Saint Vigilius. The...
Ostello di Rovereto - Santa Maria della Corona
Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Corona, a place of faith excaveted at 774 meters above sea level
Near Lake Garda, this is undoubtedly one of the most evocative and mystical places in all of northern Italy. Built on a vertical cliff on Monte Baldo, it originally housed...
Ostello di Rovereto - San Romedio
Trento Province Excellences, Trento Province Excellences
Sanctuary of Saint Romedius (Santuario di San Romedio), one of the most distinctive Hermitages in Europe
It was splendidly built in honor of the Trento province nobleman who donated his possessions to the church, took a vow of poverty and lived surrounded by nature in the...
Ostello di Rovereto - Punta Larici
Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature, Trento Province Nature
Larici Point, unmissable breathtaking balcony on Lake Garda
Larici Point completes the three wonders of western Upper Garda, a splendid viewpoint that offers breathtaking perspectives on Lake Garda. Together with the Ponale Road for cycles and pedestrians and...
Ostello di Rovereto - Lago di Ledro
Trento Province Lake, Trento Province Lake, Trento Province Lakes
Ledro Lake, enchanting colors and scents in every season of the year
A turquoise jewel where the peaks of the Ledro Alps are reflected  Are you looking for a small gem with beautiful colors, a corner where you can enjoy relaxation with...