Thun Castle in Trento Province


Do you know of a magical castle in Trento province? You certainly cannot miss a visit to Thun Castle. 

Rovereto Hostel - Thun Castle (photo by Francesco Serafini)


About 45 minutes by car from the Rovereto Hostel, immersed in the apple orchards of the Val di Non, stands the magical Thun Castle, just above the small village of Vigo di Ton.


Rovereto Hostel - Thun Castle (photo by Francesco Serafini)

After a long period of restoration and much waiting on the part of lovers of Trento province history, it reopened its doors in 2010. It responds magnificently to all the curiosities and interests in one of the best known residences of the entire Alpine arc.

The castle is located on a dominant hill overlooking the whole valley. It stands witness to the ancient splendor of a Trentino noble house that governed this area of Trento province for centuries, alternating periods of splendor with phases of decline. Built in the mid-thirteenth century, particularly striking are the view from the dominant hill and the emotions it arouses in spring, during the apple blossom.


Rovereto Hostel - Thun Castle (photo by Francesco Serafini)


From the convenient parking are, it’s easily accessible, on foot and with baby strollers. A few minutes walking and you are fascinated by the fairytale atmosphere of this magnificent palace. At the entrance of the Castle, a nice area allows families with small children to change their babies or entertain themselves with games. For the older ones, there’s a way to blend in with Renaissance clothes…as our director shows us nicely.


Rovereto Hostel - Thun Castle (photo by Francesco Serafini)

A bar area is just below a seventeenth-century garden with attached mazes and a large lawn on which to enjoy the peaks of the Brenta Dolomite Alps in the distance.

For more information, visit the castle site. Closed on all non-holiday Mondays.

Fifteen minutes from the castle by car, we recommend a visit to the evocative Spormaggiore wildlife park. You will find bears, wolves, foxes, lynxes and many other animals from the alpine environment.


Rovereto Hostel - Thun Castle (photo by Francesco Serafini)


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