The Path of 52 Tunnels, a masterpiece of military engineering

Rovereto Hostel - The road of 52 tunnelsThe Path of 52 Tunnels 

Are you looking for an unforgettable excursion between the memory of the Great War and the nature of the Pasubio mountain area?

The Path of 52 Tunnels will remain in your heart forever. It’s a 6.5 km long route with almost 800 meters of altitude difference. The starting point is near Passo Xomo. Coming from Rovereto, the road towards Passo Xomo is a few bends after Passo delle Fugazze, on the left. Upon reaching the pass, take the road to Bocca Campiglia, where there is a convenient and ample parking area for 6.00 euros daily. You can leave your car and set off towards the Achille Papa Refuge.

The path immediately climbs up and pierces limestone walls into the heart of the mountain. From pinnacles and ridges, you look out onto breathtaking panoramic terraces. As its name, the trail has 52 tunnels in the rock. There are different lengths from a few meters to the longest of 320 meters. Among the most evocative are certainly number 19 and number 20. Rovereto Hostel - The road of 52 tunnelsThe 19th is the longest and has a spiral climb inside a rocky tower. The 20th is the one that remains most impressed on climbers because of the triple spiral inside a pinnacle that comes out at the point of the peak. The route then continues with significant gradients up to the 31st tunnel. Once you reach the top of the wall, the route becomes flatter until you reach Achille Papa Mountain Refuge Cabin. This last part is certainly wonderful for the beautiful landscapes that can be seen along the ledge. On sunny days, the view that opens up at the exit of each tunnel is truly priceless.

Rovereto Hostel - The road of 52 tunnelsSome data of this route for those who like the numbers:

Length: 6300 meters (of which 2300 is in tunnels and the rest is on ledges dug into the rock)

Starting altitude: 1216 meters above sea level

Altitude at the highest point: 1928 meters above sea level

Total altitude difference: 784 meters

Recommended clothing: trekking shoes (mountain boots are better), hands-free light (for the tunnels), and mountain poles

The recommended return route is longer but much easier and is called Strada degli Scarubbi. It was used in wartime to bring vehicles and men to the Pasubio front. Along the route, there are six shortcuts to reduce travel times.

How to get to Bocca Campiglia BY CAR from ROVERETO

To get to Bocca Campiglia by car from Rovereto, take the Provincial Road 46 towards Passo delle Fugazze. At the top of the pass, there are a few hairpin bends before the road towards Passo Xomo on the left. Near the pass, take the road towards Bocca Campiglia, again on the left.

Departure: Rovereto

Arrival: Bocca Campiglia

Distance: 36 km

Journey time: 55 minutes

Rovereto Hostel - The road of 52 tunnelsRoads: SP46 and then the road towards Passo Xomo

Parking: Euro 6.00 per day

Did you already know the Route of the 52 tunnels?

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