THE BELL OF THE FALLENThe bell of the fallen

The Bell of the Fallen Maria Dolens is the largest in the world that swings to make it ring.

It is located in Rovereto on the Miravalle Hill, 5 minutes by car from the Rovereto Hostel in a very beautiful and panoramic area.


A bit of history

It was conceived by Don Antonio Rossaro, a priest who was born and lived in Rovereto, with the main purpose of honoring the fallen of all wars and invoking peace and brotherhood among all the peoples of the world.

Its importance is greater when you think that it was made by using the melted bronze of cannons of all the nations that participated in the First World War.

The bell of the fallenThe first fusion of the bronze took place in Trento on October 30, 1924. In Rovereto, it was then christened with the name of “Maria Dolens” on May 24, 1925 and inaugurated on October 4. It was initially placed on the Malipiero Bastion of Rovereto. Castle.

The sound did not correspond to what was intended, therefore it was recast in Verona on June 13, 1939. It returned to its city of Rovereto on May 26, 1940.


A serious and irreparable crack forced the bell into silence on  August 31, 1960, so it had to be recast again on August 1, 1964 at the Capanni foundries in Castelnovo Ne ’Monti, Reggio Emilia.

The bell of the fallen

On October 31, 1965 it was blessed in Rome in Saint Peter’s Square by Pope Paul VI, and finally on November 4 it was placed on Miravalle Hill. This position is not by chance; it is located near the Castel Dante Ossuary, a very significant place because the remains of more than twelve thousand Italian and Austro-Hungarian fallen soldiers lie there.

The front of the First World War was in the areas surrounding Rovereto. The evidence is still present, in particular on Monte Pasubio, as well as in the highlands of Trentino (Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna, etc.).


The bell of the fallenThe first toll from Miravalle Hill occurred on April 10, 1966, on Easter Sunday.

Now it sounds 100 chimes every day and in addition to being the symbol of the city it also has an emotional value because it makes us all feel at home.

For those who have never been, we warmly recommend going to hear it, to take home a truly remarkable memory!

In the museum area you will find a permanent photographic exhibition and a short video on the history of the Bell of the Fallen.

With a pleasant walk in the woods starting from the square in front of the bell, you can reach the monumental Shrine of Castel Dante, which preserves the remains of twenty thousand soldiers.

The bell of the fallen

Info and times for the visiting

Visiting hours:

From April to September: 9.00am – 7.00pm

March and October: 9.00am – 6.00pm

From November to February: 9.00 – 16.30

Easter and Easter Monday open

Evening opening: from June 16th to September 15th to watch the sound: 9.00pm-10.00pm

December 25 and January 1 the Bell is closed to the public.  In case of particularly adverse weather conditions in the winter months, call to check the opening hours of the museum.

Last entry ticket half an hour before closing.

The bell rings every day at 21.30 in summer time (20.30 Daylight Savings Time) and on Sunday at 12.00.

The bell does not ring when the temperatures are too cold and starts ringing again in the spring.

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