Sanctuary of Saint Romedius (Santuario di San Romedio), one of the most distinctive Hermitages in Europe

It was splendidly built in honor of the Trento province nobleman who donated his possessions to the church, took a vow of poverty and lived surrounded by nature in the fourth century. Tradition has a bear as his inseparable companion. To the present day, the sanctuary has hosted a bear in an enclosure below the complex for some decades. An interesting peculiarity is the composition of the sanctuary, which has an evocative structure of five churches overlooking one another. Have you ever had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in the Alps? Don’t miss history, ideas and how to arrive at the Sanctuary of Saint Romedius.

Rovereto Hostel - Sanctuary of Saint Romedius

History, details and curiosities

 Saint Romedius, heir of a rich Bavarian family, lived in the 4th and 5th centuries. Following an enlightening pilgrimage to Rome, he decided to donate all his possessions to the Church and retire as a hermit in a cave in Val di Non. Legend has it that his horse was attacked and killed by a bear. Then, the saint domesticated the bear. He died in 405 AD and was buried on top of a rocky outcrop.

Rovereto Hostel - Sanctuary of Saint Romedius

Around 1000 AD, the very first church was built on the site of the ancient burial. Building stones were brought up by the ancient pilgrims. The cult of Saint Romedius was recognized by the Church in 1300. Between 1000 and 1918, five churches were erected in succession, all close to a steep rock wall and joined together by a splendid staircase of 130 steps.

The recommended route to reach this marvelous example of medieval Christian art in Trento province is a walk in the rock face of the mountain. The starting point is near the car park of the Rhaetian Museum of San Zeno. From there, you reach the sanctuary in half an hour of spectacular walking (3 kilometers). The flat path is entirely carved into the rock, overlooking the underlying gorge and a stream with clear and crystalline waters. At the base of the sanctuary, there’s a wildlife area where a nice specimen of brown bear lives.

How to get to the Sanctuary of Saint Romedius BY CAR

Departure: Rovereto

Arrival: Free parking in front of the Rhaetian Museum of San Zeno; near the starting point of the walk to the Saint

Rovereto Hostel - Sanctuary of Saint Romedius

Romedius Sanctuary

Length: 65 km

Journey time: 55 minutes

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Trento province, a place of faith and spirituality over the centuries

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