Pietra Castle

Pietra Castle

Pietra Castle, a precious gem of Vallagarina

In this place ran the ancient border between the Episcopal Principality of Trento and the Very Serene Republic of Venice. Pietra Castle is in an ideal position and important battles between the Austrians, Venetians and French took place at its feet.

Pietra Castle was not the largest castle in Vallagarina and was subject to Beseno Castle. However, it was always the most important due to its proximity to the Adige River in the valley floor.

Do you know this evocative castle, the silent protagonist of a thousand stories and battles?Pietra Castle

The historical importance of Pietra Castle derives above all from its strategic position. At the castle, the Adige River formed a large loop until the end of the nineteenth century and the Imperial Road passed through the narrowest point of Vallagarina. Anyone traveling between Trento and Rovereto was forced to go to this point and pay a duty.

Pietra Castle – photo by Francesco Serafini

Pietra CastleFor centuries, a fortified wall with battlements from the manor to the river, called Murazzo, prevented any unauthorized passage. In it there were iron doors with stone jambs that were closed at night and constantly monitored to collect the duty from those who passed through it during the day. A large chain was stretched over the river, so that the waterway was also blocked at that point.

The name derives from the boulders fallen in remote times from the Cengio Rosso hills and cliffs overlooking the castle. Its very first construction probably dates back to the 13th century; subsequently it was enlarged several times. The styles of the castle are therefore multiple, but the main purpose of the manor will always remain the defense and control of the territory in front of it.

The famous battle of Calliano on 10 August 1487, in which the Venetian troops commanded by General Sanseverino were heavily defeated, was only one of a long series of fights that saw Pietra Castle as a silent observer. Among the most famous fought right near the castle were the important battles between the Napoleonic French and the Austrians at the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries.

Pietra Castle

Frescoes in Pietra Castle

Its rooms that have a Gothic style are wonderful. Do not miss the Hall of Judgment, a rich and evocative environment, illuminated by guelfo shaped windows and adorned with enchanting frescoes of the fifteenth century.


How to get there

Pietra Castle is located at the gates of Calliano (TN), a few kilometers from the Rovereto Nord motorway exit along the Brenner highway.

For visits, contact the current owners in advance at the following address:

Via Pietra Castle n. 1 – 38060 Calliano (TN)

Tel. +39 338 8552250

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