It’s a deep canyon created over tens of millennia by the tumultuous waters of the Fersina Stream. Do you know of the Ravine of High Bridge?


Hydraulic engineering works always arouse interest and curiosity. Since the dawn of time, men have imagined and created bold works both for the difficulty of the project and for the ingenuity of execution. This mix of nature and man in history makes some places special and enriching. Do you know about the Orrido di Ponte Alto?


The Orrido di Ponte Alto immediately reveals a strong charm and is profoundly evocative. It should definitely be included in the half-day program near Trento, a few kilometers from Rovereto Hostel.

Nature and history …

From a natural point of view, it’s a canyon created by ages of passing water and a place of extraordinary scenic appeal. Through a few accessible points, you can immerse yourself in a gloomy and underground world, as shown in the images. On small ledges, sapling trees are perched on maidenhair grass.

From a historical point of view, the Austro-Hungarian Empire decided to intervene following important floods in the second half of the nineteenth century. They not only strengthened the banks on the valley floor but also designed and built hydraulic prevention works in the gorge. Since the sixteenth century, hydraulic waterworks had been built and rebuilt whenever floods and overflows destroyed what man had built. In two successive historical moments, the Austrian engineers moved from wood to huge rectangular stones to create two barriers with a total height of about 40 meters.


The route starts near the namesake restaurant and goes through a long staircase. In a few minutes, you are catapulted into the depths of the gorge. The “visit tip” is certainly to equip yourself with suitable clothing, as it will splash. Small streams along the way and a lot of humidity will make the path very wet!

Jumping water, vigorous waves, waterfalls, and above all, the fruit of struggle between nature and man’s ingenuity immerse visitors for an hour. At set times, the entrance ticket also includes a guided tour of the Eco-museum of the Argentario. The guide will tell the story and anecdotes of Orrido di Ponte Alto.

The gem, as it often happens, is reserved for the end of the route. Through an evocative spiral staircase carved out of the red Dolomite stone, you arrive right behind the main waterfall. Needless to say, you will come out wet, but happy to be able to see from behind the powerful downpour. The green of the trees changes in the ammonitic red mixed with the white of the limestone dug by the swirl of waters for thousands of years… Games of colors and reflections of light. Must-see!

Useful info

To find out more opening hours and days, we suggest clicking on the following link: http://ecoargentario.it/orridopontealto

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