Mount Zugna Obseratory


Zugna Observatory, stars on the mountains

Are you ready for a weekend of emotions? You have the opportunity to spend two days in the mountains to enjoy the spectacle of the starry sky! The celestial vault seen from the top of Mount Zugna will immerse you in nature and enchantment.

 On Saturday, there will be an excursion through the trenches and walkways (communication routes dug into the ground between trenches or positions) of the First World War (with snowshoes in winter). We will discover the artillery positions, military cemeteries and tunnels that were the sites of the conflict. Arrival is in time to admire the sunset at the Coni Zugna Mountain Refuge Cabin, where you can warm up and rest in the silence of the mountain.

 Rovereto Hostel - Mount Zugna Obseratory

As night falls at the Mount Zugna Observatory, it will be possible to enjoy the spectacle of the stars, with insights from the experts of the Rovereto Civic Museum, which is about 5 minutes from the Rovereto Hostel.

We’ll have a good sleep, and on Sunday morning, we’ll go up to the top of Mount Zugna by hidden paths.  We’ll descend by making a loop and observing the mountain from a naturalistic and geological point of view. Due to its strategic importance, it was the scene of fierce battles during the Great War. The war works of that era are still visible today and walks within everyone’s reach allow you to visit the artifacts, fortifications and entrenchments. The Mount Zugna Mountain Refuge Cabin is the starting point for all excursions.  It’s very beautiful and welcoming. A few hundred meters from the refuge cabin, there’s a stone, “Sass dei Usei” (stone of the birds). It’s dug out internally to transform it into a perfect bunker.

Rovereto Hostel - Mount Zugna

Are you ready for a weekend of emotions at the Mount Zugna Observatory? You have the opportunity to spend two days in the mountains to enjoy the spectacle of the starry sky and take advantage of some exploratory walks in the surroundings!

How to reach Mount Zugna BY CAR

Departure: Rovereto

Arrival: Mount Zugna Observatory

Length: 18 km

Journey time: 40 minutes

Free parking

Did you already know about Mount Zugna Obseratory?

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