Mount Creino

Mount Creino


On Mount Creino in Val di GrestaMount Creino

Like an immense ship’s bow, it juts south towards the ridge of Mount Baldo. For this extremely favorable position, the Austro-Hungarian Empire placed numerous heavy artillery batteries in these woods between 1915 and 1918. They had to counter the first Italian line between Vallagarina and Alto Garda. It was never an area of fierce battles and the soldiers who arrived there considered their stay on Creino as a period of rest.Mount Creino

The Path

An easy road, first paved and then unpaved, leads to the cross on the top of Mount Creino in about 40 minutes. Along the way, the little ones, and not so little ones, can look at some small works of art made with forest materials depicting animals and objects of the area (Creinarte Project).

Mount Creino

Mount CreinoMount Creino

From the observation point on top of Mount Creino, the Viennese lieutenant of the Austrian army, Felix Von Hecht, admired landscapes of immensity which he described as follows: “the view up there is magnificent. The mountains of the Catinaccio can be seen on the horizon.  Pasubio, Baldo, Care Alto, Brenta, Ortles, … ” From there, a staircase entirely carved out of the rock leads to a long dry-walled trench. Along the way, you can visit a series of caves carved into the rock that served as shelters or deposits.

Mount CreinoMount Creino


How to get there:

You go along the provincial road of Val di Gresta to the town of Ronzo Chienis.  After the town, you turn left toward Santa Barbara, where car parking is on the left and the evocative path of memories begins.

For more info and insights we suggest: www.parcoMountbaldo.tn.it

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Ostello di Rovereto - Monte Creino - credits Francesco Serafini

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