Monte Corno Battisti, Pasubio Mountain Group

The summit is within the Vicenza Pre-Alps, in the Trento province area.

It was the theater of the famous First World War episode when irredentists Cesare Battisti and Fabio Filzi were captured, and until today, it still exudes a mixed charm of history and wild nature. The starting path for an easy trek lasting about 3 hours is Malga Cheserle hut on the dirt road from Giazzera to the Lancia refuge.

 Rovereto Hostel - Monte Corno Battisti

Beside Malga Cheserle car park, take path SAT 122. In about half an hour of walking in the woods, you will reach Malga Zocchi hut, and after passing it, you will reach the Foxi pass in a few minutes. From here, an incredible panoramic point opens up, ranging from Monte Testa on the left to Corno Battisti, which can be glimpsed on the right.

 Rovereto Hostel - Monte Corno Battisti

The path becomes more exposed with stretches of evocative views. In about twenty minutes, it leads to the exact point where the two Trentino irredentists were captured. The place is memorialized by two tombstones and some relics of the First World War.

 Rovereto Hostel - Monte Corno Battisti

From here, the narrow path leads to Corno Battisti. From the summit, you can enjoy a view that ranges from Carega in the Little Dolomites to Monte Zugna all’Altissimo above Lake Garda. It is especially spectacular on clearer days. The memory of little more than a hundred years ago, when it was the scene of open fighting between Italians and Austrians, still echoes among the ledges, valleys, hidden valleys, old trenches and control posts …

 Rovereto Hostel - Monte Corno Battisti

Once on the top of Corno Battisti, you can let yourself be lulled by the breeze blowing from the valley floor, before retracing your steps to the starting point of the excursion.

The return path can simply retrace the outward journey or take the variant that leads to Sella Menderle and then descend to Malga Zocchi, a path to be savored among the scents of larch and mountain pines.

How to get to Monte Corno Battisti BY CAR

Departure: Rovereto

Arrival: Monte Corno Battisti

From Rovereto, in the direction of Vicenza on the SP46, follow the signs for Trambileno and then the signs indicating “Rifugio Lancia”. The road after Trambileno is narrow, and no longer asphalted for the last kilometer.

Going up towards the Lancia Mountain Refuge Cabin, trail 122 is on the right. You pass near Malga Zocchi and continue until you reach Bocchetta dei Foxi, where you continue to the right, still following path 122. You arrive at Corno Battisti in an hour and twenty minutes.

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History: (taken from “1914-1918 The Great War on the Highlands” – Gino Rossato Editore)

 “The night is clear, shining with stars, but without a moon; the paths that wind through the mountains turn white at times, for short moments, in the glow of the rockets. It’s time; the first two companies of the battalion, the 59th and 61st, begin the ascent of the gully that leads to the saddle. Their march takes place largely under cover. However, they proceed with caution, right up to the saddle. A few shadows move over the Austrian trenches, but the attackers do not stop. The fences are soon cut; a few shots abruptly break the deep night silence and the Alpine troops swoop down on the defenders of the saddle, put them on the run, and occupy the position.

The surprise was successful and the agreed signal has already been given to the artillery. It’s two o’clock. Captain Modena, stationed with his men in a small cave under the ravines of the Corno, hears. At a certain moment, the voice of Major Frattola calls Modena to his side. Along the way, he meets Lieutenant Brusa, adjutant to the major, who comes down wounded and shows him the exact location of the commander. Arriving on the saddle, he has sergeant Burba launch the red rockets on the orders of the major, to warn all the units of the successful operation and deploy his men in an Austrian trench.”


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