Larici Point, unmissable breathtaking balcony on Lake Garda

Rovereto Hostel - Larici Point (credits Francesco Serafini)

Larici Point completes the three wonders of western Upper Garda, a splendid viewpoint that offers breathtaking perspectives on Lake Garda. Together with the Ponale Road for cycles and pedestrians and the Tremosine Gorge, the walk towards the peak with the most exciting view of Lake Garda is an unmissable stop for those who spend a few days in lower Trento province. Do you know about Larici Point?

Rovereto Hostel - Larici Point (credits Francesco Serafini)

The starting point of our excursion is the picturesque village of Pregasina, which can be reached directly from Riva del Garda in a few minutes by car. During the mass tourism season, you should arrive early in the morning, as the last stretch of road is very narrow and makes it impossible to continue when cars come in the opposite direction. A convenient parkingRovereto Hostel - Larici Point (credits Francesco Serafini) area, but with few places, is near the parish church. From there, the dirt path starts and leads to Larici Point in an hour. The forest path leads to Malga Palaèr hut in about half an hour and runs through an evocative beech forest.

Rovereto Hostel - Larici Point (credits Francesco Serafini)Larici Peak is the highest point, at about 900 meters above sea level.  You climb around 400 meters on the path, and the scenery enjoyed from the top is difficult to describe, from Limone del Garda to Torbole, and from the Garda shore to Mount Altissimo and the Baldo mountain group. On clearer days, you are left breathless.

At one third of the way, the detour for expert hikers is recommended for the more daring and adventurous. Path 422A is rated EE (Expert Excursionist) and is called “Senter de la Costa”. This route was built during the Great War, with more challenging slopes and sections with exposure. The emotions, remembering the path’s original strategic purpose and the feeling of overlooking the lake, make this way truly unforgettable.

Surely, the detour onto the EE path is recommended only for those who have a minimum of training and those who do not suffer from vertigo.

How to get to Pregasina (Larici Point) BY CAR

Departure: RoveretoRovereto Hostel - Larici Point (credits Francesco Serafini)

Arrival: Pregasina

Parking: FREE at the parish church, just before the start of the dirt path

Length: 32 km

Journey time: 40 minutes

Did you already know Larici Point, the most beautiful lookout in Upper Garda?

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Do you know the three wonders of Upper Lake Garda?

Ponale Road, one of the most fascinating panoramic trails in Europe

Strada del Ponale - credits Francesco Serafini

It was an old mule track built in the first half of the nineteenth century. It goes up the valley of the Ponale stream and was born as a link between Riva del Garda and the towns of the Val di Ledro. For almost a century and a half, it was crossed by car traffic….

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Gorge of Tremosine, eighth wonder of the world on Lake Garda

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