Have you ever thought of taking a prehistoric walk? A few kilometers from the historic center of Rovereto, an evocative route will take you on a hunt for footsteps of dinosaurs.

Curious to accompany us on this time machine journey? Fasten your seat belts because you will be projected 200 million years into a past era when Trento province was nothing more than the shores a large lagoon where dinosaurs of various sizes roamed freely.

A bit of history…

It’s certainly not a large park on dinosaurs, but a small gem that came to light in the early nineties of the century just ended. It was a late afternoon in spring in 1990. Luciano Chemini, a passionate geologist from Rovereto, saw deep holes on gray limestone slabs and noted their particular symmetry. He had a happy intuition.  Had dinosaurs been ancient inhabitants of the lagoon areas 200 million years ago? He had just made an incredible discovery!

We advise you to let yourself go, enjoying the surrounding lunar landscape and trying to imagine how the territory was so many millions of years ago. Interesting stone tablets along the approach path concisely give detailed geological and naturalistic descriptions of this lagoon on the edge of the great prehistoric sea of ​​Tetide.

In the distant Jurassic period, the Adige Valley and the surrounding mountains were a vast sandy plain. The heavy footsteps of the dinosaurs remained etched in the mud, which over time turned into gray limestone, allowing this nice trick of primordial nature to reach us.

Tips and tricks

We recommend appropriate clothing. The ground is mixed, with road sections, path sections and uncomfortable limestone slabs. Bringing a good hat and plenty of water, especially in the warmer seasons, becomes survival tips.

How to get there

From Rovereto, follow the signs for the Military Shrine / Ossuary (Sacrario Militare/Ossario). After passing the Shrine, continue for just under 4km along the Road of the Artillerymen (Strada degli Artiglieri).

Just before the Chalet of the Alpine Soldiers (Baita Alpini Damiano Chiesa) on the right, a small space opens where you can comfortably leave your car. From there, a dirt road starts, along which you are taken on a journey back in time. Natural stone tables with text and images tell the story of this part of Trento province 200 million years ago .

After about 30 minutes of walking, you reach the main position to admire the Dinosaurs’ Footprints in Rovereto.

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