Civic Museum of Rovereto, known for the quantity and quality of its collection

Rovereto Hostel - Civic Museum of Rovereto (credits Francesco Serafini)An incredible opportunity for visitors to our city, moreover, it’s located in the historic center just a 5-minute walk from Rovereto Hostel. Particularly recommended for families, but also for anyone with a curious spirit, eager to discover and observe in person, and to get in touch with things definitely outside of everyday life and the normal routine.


Under the tutelage of the Town Hall, it was founded in 1851 thanks to some worthy people of Rovereto, including Fortunato Zeni. Numerous donations over the years and the great work of the curators have allowed the development of the large and excellent collection.

It includes numerous sections on archeology, including the collection of artifacts from Magna Graecia, history and folklore, coins and medals, zoological and mineralogical sciences, and paleontology. You can visit the historical herbarium and the current one connected to the Floristic Cartography of Trentino Alto Adige.

In the garden of the museum, the Planetarium can accommodate up to 40 visitors. Inside its dome, which is six meters in diameter, thousands of stars, constellations and celestial bodies can be projected, as well as the simulated explosion of a star, the birth of a nebula, and the motion of a galaxy. Museum experts hold themed shows and lessons every Saturday and Sunday at 4.45 pm, other days by reservation for small groups.

Rovereto Hostel - Civic Museum of Rovereto (credits Francesco Serafini)

Managed by the Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation, we can also find:

– The Paleontological Park of the Lavini di Marco: dinosaur footprints imprinted on a Gray Limestone outcropping on the slopes of Monte Zugna. It is considered one of the most important European paleontological sites.

– The Roman Villa of Isera: the monument is unique of its kind in the whole of Trentino-Alto Adige for the antiquity of the structure, the richness and quality of the architectural decoration, and the abundance and variety of finds.

Rovereto Hostel - Civic Museum of Rovereto (credits Francesco Serafini)

– The Astronomical Observatory on Monte Zugna at 1,620 meters above sea level. It’s in an area not contaminated by light and atmospheric pollution. Active since 1997, this first-rate structure has promoted Rovereto and its Civic Museum of Rovereto to the avant-garde regarding the study of the celestial vault. From its dome, studies of international standing are conducted.

Rovereto Hostel - Civic Museum of Rovereto (credits Francesco Serafini)

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