Church of Santa Agata in Rovereto, Trento Province

 Rovereto Hostel - Church of Santa AgataThe evocative Church of Santa Agata in Rovereto stands isolated in a ghost town in Val di Gresta, Corniano. There are several hypotheses about the cause of the abandonment of these small houses in natural stone, perhaps following the reprisals of the Venetians in 1440 or perhaps after the great plague of 1630.

 The history of this very old church of barbarian origin (the most recent investigations speak of the Carolingian era) is testified to by the stone holy water font, preserved in the Diocesan Museum of Trento as a rare pre-Romanesque relic.

The building has a gabled facade, small windows above the portal in the apse, and a massive stone Rovereto Hostel - Church of Santa Agataspire bell tower.

Inside there are frescoes that conceal a fifteenth-century cycle, superimposed in turn with thirteenth century decorations.


How to get to Church of Santa Agata BY CAR

Departure: Rovereto

Arrival: Church of Santa Agata

Parking: Free

Length: 15 km

Journey time: 25 minutes

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