Christmas Markets in Trento Province

Christmas and its magic have always had a special place in the hearts of young and old. The approach of Advent brings with it the scents of sweets, decorations, the poetry of the first snow on the mountaintops, the first emotions of the little ones’ anxiously waiting for gifts, and memories of the greatest of the Christmases that were.

 Rovereto Hostel - Christmas Markets

Every year, it all seems so new. It’s one of reasons that we always look forward to the repetition of traditions with renewed emotions. Trento province and the splendid Christmas Markets will help you relive Yuletide with a new poem. Do you know about the Christmas markets?

A bit of history

 The birth of the Christmas markets seems to have originated around 1400 in the territories between Germany and Alsace. In fact, the first recorded Christmas market took place in Dresden, on the Monday before Christmas in the year 1434. In the main square, the cream of the artisans met to display their works that recalled the nativity and advent. Initially, only the bourgeoisie was attracted, given the high cost of the objects sold in these markets. Over time, interest in these Christmas artisan exhibitions expanded to all cities near and far.

In the early nineties of the last century, the phenomenon of the Christmas markets had become widespread, in many European cities. In those years, the most important Italian Christmas markets were born, namely in the city of Bolzano and Trento.

Rovereto Christmas Market

 Rovereto Hostel - Christmas Markets

In the heart of Vallagarina, Rovereto is a city with a taste of other times. It can make you relive a special Christmas, a Christmas of light that combines the atmosphere of a party with an invitation to rediscover the Christmas traditions that everyone keeps in their hearts.

 In the evocative setting of medieval Rovereto town center, the atmosphere is magical. The fresh winter air smells of sweets, cinnamon and mulled wine. In the squares and streets, trees, decorations, lights, colors and music happily accompany the path through the stands of the Christmas market.

The path of the Christmas stands winds through the most beautiful squares of Rovereto. As per tradition, they offer countless ideas: from decorations to clothing and from sweets to typical products. The itinerary crosses the historic center, fills the most beautiful squares of the city, and allows you to discover seventeenth and eighteenth century palaces, and medieval bastions, as well as contemporary flavor.

 Rovereto Hostel - Christmas Markets

Haven’t had time to prepare decorations for your tree yet? Don’t worry! The workshops for adults and children will be the perfect opportunity to create your decorations.

 The Rovereto Christmas Market, with its characteristic wooden stands, offers the best of culinary delights as well as local, national and international crafts: tree decorations, nativity figurines, and many Christmas gift ideas.

 The stands will be white, harmoniously and elegantly set up, illuminated, and full of food and wine specialties, regional products, gift ideas, and delicious desserts.


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