An exciting dive into the middle ages of Trento province 

A fairy tale suspended in the Trento province middle ages. The silence of footsteps on pebbles, the stone houses recalling distant memories, the wooden doors of ancient flavor.  Have you started the time machine to dive into a medieval village? Let’s go! Canale di Tenno awaits you …

A bit of history…

Fully accredited with the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy Association, its origins are in the distant middle ages of Trento province. The first sources date back to 1200, and the current layout of Canale di Tenno village dates back to that period. The streets lead to a central square overlooked by the characteristic houses in local stone. Under the streets are the characteristic cellars, which used to connect the houses.

The village is perched on a terrace that allows a breathtaking view of Lake Garda. Your gaze upon snow-capped alpine peaks pleasantly alternates with Mediterranean flavors and aromas; olive trees and cypresses in their intense shades of green to soft gray-tone brushstrokes recalling landscapes of the beautiful Umbrian and Tuscan hills.

In the crystal clear air, there are very old haylofts, limestone houses, evocative balconies, and old stables that take you back to the middle ages on a pleasant walk in Canale di Tenno. You seem to enter a late nineteenth century painting that evokes medieval atmospheres.

Tips and Tricks

We recommend two unmissable events. In August, the “Rustico Medioevo” festival recreates medieval atmospheres in lanes, corners and very old underground cellars of the village. In December, the must see Christmas markets are among the most fascinating in the entire region.

Credits Riccardo Pasquazzo

Credits Riccardo Pasquazzo

Credits Riccardo Pasquazzo

After visiting Canale di Tenno, don’t miss the walk at the most turquoise lake in Italy, Lake Tenno; a small body of water with an infinity color and a small island in its center. On the way back to Lake Garda, a visit to the splendid Varone Waterfalls is a must.


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