Campogrosso Mountain Refuge Cabin


The refuges in the Alps are large cabins that were originally in very remote locations, as many still are. They are places of shelter in the high mountains. Most were used as or created as military outposts in World War One.  Today, you still have to hike or mountain bike to get to most of them. You can still take refuge and you can pay hostel prices to sleep inside. Wonderful resources for exploring the high Aps.

campogrosso refuge

Campogrosso Refuge

In the heart of the Little Dolomites is a circular route suitable for everyone. It has evocative views of the Little Dolomite Alps Mountain Group between Veneto and Trento Province. Do you know the Campogrosso Refuge? If you’ve never been there, today’s post will take you on a voyage through enchanting landscapes. Enjoy the reading!

Starting from the top of the Pian delle Fugazze Pass, turn onto the road to Campogrosso to reach the starting point of the excursion. After about 800 meters, a small road on the left is the beginning of our excursion.

Seven Fountains Road

About 6 kilometers long, the road known as the “Seven Fountains” is closed to vehicular traffic and mainly frequented by cyclists and hikers who travel it to reach the Campogrosso Alps and the refuge of the same name. Both in winter and summer, you find yourself in another beautiful dimension after only a few meters. Nature is immersed in an extraordinary context and far from the traffic we are normally used to in our cities.

After the first part through a wonderful beech forest, the view on the right opens over the Little Dolomite Alps group of mountains. These mountains very much resemble the larger Dolomite Alps group in Trento Province and, with all sincerity, have no reason for envy.

The images refer to a lucky excursion in mid-December after a light snowfall that had covered the landscape with a delicate whiteness. Endless emotions!

The duration of the walk to the Campogrosso Refuge is about an hour and twenty minutes, at a leisurely pace and enjoying the cric-croc of each step on the snow.

Tips and Tricks

Stop from time to time to enjoy the wonder of the Little Dolomite Alps! Priceless!

For the return to Passo Pian delle Fugazze we recommend a different route along the CAI path n. 170. A beautiful Tibetan bridge contributes to making it particularly popular, especially in spring and summer.

campogrosso refuge

Pasubio Mountain Group

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