Braies Lake, one step from the sky…an unmissable precious gem

The most beautiful lake in Trentino Alto Adige

At the bottom of Braies valley and at the northern most point of Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park is a gem with iridescent colors from turquoise to emerald. Even in photos and on television it has colors and shades of infinity. Expectations for seeing it in person are well below the reality; it’s indescrivably beautiful! Are you looking for spectacular colors, crystal clear water and unspoiled nature? Braies Lake awaits you!

 Read on to find out how to get there and get our tips to make the most of this wonder of nature.

Rovereto Hostel - Braies Lake (credits Francesco Serafini)


Braies Lake, one of the most beautiful in Italy, is at an altitude of about 1,500 meters.  It leaves you ecstatic with a kaleidoscope of colors and the wonderful crown Dolomite Alps reflected in its waters. Like all the most precious things, this lake also has a mythical origin. Do you know the story of the hidden treasure of Braies Lake?


Legend of the Braies Treasure

In ancient times, the people who settled in the area of Braies Lake were called “savages” because of their Rovereto Hostel - Braies Lake (credits Francesco Serafini)somewhat indomitable and wild appearance. The favorite pastime of these primitive men was the search for gold and precious stones, which they sold or used to create precious jewelry. However, the wonderful green meadows around the lake were targeted by shepherds of the valley who wanted their flocks enjoy the tasty herbs. Therefore, they came into contact with the savages and learned about the treasure. It became the shepards’ obsessive object of desire.  The craving became a fixed idea to push out the savages and rob them. This generated a violent reaction and the savages opened underground springs. The water united and swallowed all the riches. The name of the lake therefore became “Lago Selvaggio”.  It was created by this attempt to hide riches at the bottom of what became the most beautiful lake in Trentino Alto Adige.


How to get to there BY CAR from ROVERETO

To Braies Lake from Rovereto, take the Brenner A22 towards Bressanone. Leaving the toll booth, take the state roaRovereto Hostel - Braies Lake (credits Francesco Serafini)d towards Brunico and Val Pusteria. At the height of the village of Monguelfo, there are signs for Val di Braies and Lago di Braies (Braies Lake). In about ten kilometers among meadows and coniferous woods, you reach the town of San Vito and then the lake. If you want to save on the parking expenses, we recommend that you park in San Vito. A twenty-minute walk in the forest leads directly to the lake.

Departure: Rovereto

Arrival: Braies Lake

Length: 180 km

Journey times: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Roads: A22, E66, and SS49

Click here to set  your navigator on Maps and arrive directly at Braies Lake

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