A few kilometers from Rovereto Hostel and in the lap of surrounding vineyards, we want to tell you about Ala.

Rovereto Hostel - Ala city of VelvetHaving the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club since 2007, it’s a picturesque village of very ancient origins, and during the 1700s, it experienced a golden period thanks to the weaving of silk velvets. Do you want to breathe the air of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries? Do not miss a walk to admire its streets and squares!

Rovereto Hostel - Ala city of Velvet - credits Gabriele Cavagna-Palazzo Taddei

On his travels to Italy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made stops in Ala. He and his father slept at Palazzo de ‘Pizzini three times in three consecutive years. He played for his hosts in the reception room on the main floor. Today, the palace is home to the renowned Piano Museum and the International Academy of Musical Interpretation on Period Instruments.

As has become tradition, the historic center of Ala is filled with colorful and intoxicating ancient atmospheres

Rovereto Hostel - Ala city of Velvet - credits Gabriele Cavagna

in the heart of the Trento province summer. The fairy tale of silk comes to life in the palaces, lanes and

squares of one of the most evocative Trento province villages. The magic of the silk charms passing guests who want to relive the glories of the eighteenth century.

Rovereto Hostel - Ala city of Velvet - credits Gabriele Cavagna

The kermesse festival welcomes visitors and onlookers to discover the most beautiful corners of the city and the most evocative views of the buildings. The streets and squares become a stage for events and shows. Would you like to relive the arts and crafts of the past and enjoy culinary delicacies that have an antique flavor and are bathed in the delicious wines of Trento province lands?

Are you passing through Trento province in the magical period of Christmas? Don’t miss the Ala Christmas Markets. Palaces, internal courtyards, and hallways of the most beautiful historic buildings become the theater of the magic of Christmas.

Rovereto Hostel - Ala city of Velvet - credits Francesco Serafini

How to get to Ala BY CAR

Departure: Rovereto

Arrival: Ala

Length: 16 km

Journey time: 20 minutes

Free parking

 CLICK HERE to set your navigator on Maps and get directly to Ala

 Did you already know about Ala, the city of velvet?


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